Daily News: Plane Crashes in Nepal

(13Mar2018) A refugee crisis in Brazil, forced starvation in Myanmar, and the Russian spy scandal are in today's news.

难度级别 5  |  媒体英语  |  新闻  |  时长: 01:01



  • In Nepal, at least 49 people are dead...
  • ...after a plane carrying 71 passengers crashed and burst into flames...
  • ...upon landing at Nepal's Kathmandu airport.
  • The Venezuelan refugee crisis in Brazil is steadily worsening...
  • ...as the country declares a state of emergency...
  • ...as an estimated 600 to 800 new refugees arrive daily.
  • In Myanmar, a UN expert says Myanmar's government...
  • ...is employing a starvation policy in Rakhine...
  • ...to force out the remaining Muslim Rohingya population.
  • In Great Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May says it is "highly likely"...
  • ...Russia is responsible for poisoning ex-spy Sergei Skripal...
  • ...and his daughter Yulia with a military-grade nerve agent.
  • And finally from Israel, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman...
  • ...says he is remaining in the government,...
  • ...leaving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition intact...
  • ...after intensifying speculations over early elections.

特色词汇 难度级别

  • INTACT (Adj) 7
  • STARVATION (Noun) 7
  • SPECULATION (Noun) 6
  • WORSEN (Verb) 6
  • POPULATION (Noun) 5


Comprehension Questions

  1. Where are the refugees coming from?
    1. Bolivia
    2. Brazil
    3. Peru
    4. Venezuela

  2. Based on the video, how is the Burmese government forcing the Rohingya out of Rakhine?
    1. by poisoning their food
    2. by letting them go hungry
    3. by launching daily attacks
    4. by offering jobs in Bangladesh

  3. What happened in Israel?
    1. Early national elections were held.
    2. A spy was killed with a nerve agent.
    3. Netanyahu was able to keep his government.
    4. Lieberman replaced the prime minister.

Discussion Questions

  1. Give two other reasons to declare a "state of emergency."

  2. What are the advantages of a "coalition" government?

  3. Describe a problem in your country that is "worsening."