Daily News: Smithsonian Unveils Obama Portraits

(13Feb2018) Threats by India to Pakistan and by Britain to charities, and a strong cyclone in Tonga are in today's news.

难度级别 5  |  媒体英语  |  新闻  |  时长: 01:01



  • In India, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman...
  • ...blames the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed militant group...
  • ...of an attack on an Indian army camp...
  • ...and vows that "Pakistan will pay for this misadventure."
  • In Britain, after the Oxfam scandal,...
  • ...the British government warns charities of potential funding cuts...
  • ...if organizations don't prevent sexual abuse by aid workers.
  • In Guinea, as the country awaits local election results,...
  • ...tensions between opposition protesters and police rise in the capital, Conakry.
  • Officials in Tonga declare a state of emergency...
  • ...as category 4 Tropical Cyclone Grita...
  • ...is expected to cause flash flooding in the nation's capital, Nuku'alofa.
  • And finally from the United States, the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery...
  • ...displays new portraits of former President Barack Obama...
  • ...and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

特色词汇 难度级别

  • MILITANT (Adj) 7
  • VOW (Verb) 7
  • OFFICIAL (Noun) 7
  • FUNDING (Noun) 6
  • AWAIT (Verb) 4


Comprehension Questions

  1. According to Sitharaman, what is Pakistan's "misadventure"?
    1. It protected Jaish-e-Mohammed militants.
    2. The country attacked a military camp.
    3. It hid Osama bin Laden from the U.S.
    4. It sought independence from India.

  2. What did the British government do?
    1. warn that charities would face expanded funding
    2. fail to prevent sexual abuses in Oxfam's workplaces
    3. threaten to stop giving money to some organizations
    4. regret trusting voters on exiting the European Union

  3. Why was a "state of emergency" declared in Tonga?
    1. A storm is coming.
    2. There is a bike race.
    3. An election was held.
    4. Nuku'alofa has resigned.

Discussion Questions

  1. Suggest two ways to prevent sexual abuse in the workplace.

  2. Who would you want to take or make your portrait? Why?

  3. Talk about a "misadventure" that you have had.