Daily News: Soldiers Killed in Ukraine Despite Ceasefire

(12Jan2018) Protests in Tunisia and Pakistan, and the EU's plea to preserve the Iran nuclear deal are in today's news.

难度级别 5  |  媒体英语  |  新闻  |  时长: 01:01



  • In Belgium, the foreign ministers of Germany, France, and Britain,...
  • ...and the EU's top diplomats make a joint plea to preserve the Iran nuclear deal.
  • In Tunisia, police arrest 328 people and fire tear gas as protesters hurl rocks...
  • ...and burn tires during further nationwide demonstrations over price rises.
  • Protests continue in Pakistan over the rape and killing of an 8-year-old girl...
  • ...in an incident that has shocked the nation.
  • In Ukraine, three Ukrainian soldiers die...
  • ...as a New Year truce with pro-Russian separatists breaks down.
  • And finally from the U.S., eight people are missing...
  • ...following mudslides in the state of California that has killed 17.
  • Rescue workers and search dogs continue to look for victims.

特色词汇 难度级别

  • BREAK DOWN (Verb) 7
  • VICTIM (Noun) 5
  • PROTEST (Noun) 5
  • TEAR GAS (Noun) 5
  • DIPLOMAT (Noun) 5


Comprehension Questions

  1. What does the EU want?
    1. to stike a new nuclear deal
    2. to remove the UK from the EU
    3. to honor the existing agreement
    4. to supply Iran with nuclear weapons

  2. What did protesters do in Tunisia?
    1. arrest hundreds of people
    2. raise prices of goods
    3. throw stones
    4. fire tear gas

  3. Based on the video, what is the government of California doing?
    1. conducting search and rescue operations
    2. hunting down pro-Russian separatists
    3. counting missing people and animals
    4. cleaning up the mudslides and dirt

Discussion Questions

  1. Should countries stop their nuclear weapons programs? Why or why not?

  2. Describe something that has "shocked your nation."

  3. Apart from what has been mentioned, what other things do protesters do on the streets?