Daily News: Southern California Burns

(06Dec2017) Migrant overcrowding in Greece, and the blacklisting of US media outlets in Russia are in today's news.

难度级别 6  |  媒体英语  |  新闻  |  时长: 01:00



  • In the United States, a rapidly spreading wildfire...
  • ...in the foothills north of Los Angeles threatens thousands of homes,...
  • ...forcing residents to evacuate.
  • In Greece, mayors and residents from the Greek islands...
  • ...most severely affected by the migrant crisis demonstrated in Athens...
  • ...are calling living conditions in the overcrowded camps 'inhuman.'
  • In Russia, the Justice Ministry on Tuesday...
  • ...designated nine US media outlets,...
  • ...including Voice of America, as foreign agents.
  • In India, the Indian Army launched an operation...
  • ...to dig out and safely detonate live mortar shells...
  • ...in the border areas of Indian Kashmir to prevent any harm to civilians.
  • And finally from Lebanon, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri...
  • ...rescinded his resignation and said all members of the government...
  • ...had agreed to stay out of conflicts in Arab countries.

特色词汇 难度级别

  • DETONATE (Verb) 7
  • WILDFIRE (Noun) 7
  • FOOTHILL (Noun) 7
  • RESCIND (Verb) 7
  • LAUNCH (Verb) 3


Comprehension Questions

  1. What happened in Athens?
    1. A protest was held.
    2. A crisis was resolved.
    3. Migrants lost their homes.
    4. Living conditions improved.

  2. Why did the Indian Army detonate some mortar shells?
    1. to delineate the borders with Pakistan
    2. to protect the Indian side of Kashmir
    3. to force the residents to evacuate
    4. to make the area safer for citizens

  3. What happened to Al-Hariri's resignation?
    1. It was withdrawn.
    2. It was not rejected.
    3. The government accepted it.
    4. It was submitted to parliament.

Discussion Questions

  1. Apart from "wildfire," under what other circumstances should people evacuate?

  2. Describe a time when you were in an "overcrowded" place.

  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of "staying out of" conflicts?