Catalan President to Suspend Independence

(11Oct17) A president, a prayer ceremony, civil servants, violence and a prime minister are in today's news.

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  • In Spain, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont addresses the Parliament,...
  • ...talking about police violence against voters...
  • ...and that Catalan has by majority vote declared independence,...
  • ...but he is willing to suspend the effects of the declaration...
  • ...for dialogue in a gesture of responsibility.
  • In Myanmar, tens of thousands of people fill a football stadium in Yangon...
  • ...for an interfaith prayer ceremony, a show of unity in a country seared...
  • ethnically-charged violence against the Muslim Rohingya minority.
  • In France, French civil servants angered by President Macron's plan...
  • freeze their pay and eliminate 120,000 public jobs go on strike,...
  • ...amplifying a revolt over the president's cost-cutting, pro-business agenda.
  • In the Central African Republic, the United Nations comments...
  • ...on increasing violence between Christian and Muslim communities in Bria,...
  • ...which has displaced over 1.1 million people since May.
  • And finally from Turkey, the prime minister accuses the US...
  • ...of taking an emotional and inappropriate decision against an ally,...
  • ...following Washington's suspension of all non-immigrant visa services in Turkey...
  • ...after the arrest of a US consulate employee.

特色词汇 难度级别

  • ADDRESS (Verb) 7
  • ANGER (Verb) 7
  • SUSPEND (Verb) 6
  • ACCUSE (Verb) 5


Comprehension Questions

  1. Why did the Catalan president address the parliament?
    1. because of the declaration of independence
    2. because the president cheated during the elections
    3. because the president was against independence
    4. because of the people not voting during the elections

  2. What angered civil servants in France?
    1. new requirements for civil service positions
    2. the president's plans to cut costs
    3. the decrease in pay for government workers
    4. immigrants being prioritized for hiring

  3. Which decision did the Turkish prime minister consider inappropriate?
    1. the arrest of a US consulate employee
    2. the deportation of a Turkish diplomat from the US
    3. the suspension of non-immigrant visa services in Turkey
    4. the closure of the Turkish embassy in the US

Discussion Questions

  1. What does it mean for an area or region to become independent?

  2. Would you work for your country's government? Why?

  3. How will the suspension of non-immigrant visa services in your country affect local people?